Swarna Bhoomi Organic Manure

ClassificationOrganic FertilizerTypeOthers

Swarna Bhoomi is a well decomposed coco peat based organic manure mixed with neem seed powder and other vital organic nutrients which are necessary for plant/crops growth. Swarna Bhoomi is a 100% pure certfied organic product with no harmful residue. It is very effective and acts as a repellet to insects and completely reduces the depandence on chemical fertilizers. it is 100% safe and eco friendly and helps in improving soil fertility. It is enriched with micro organisims which minimises the soil borne diseases which helps in root profileration.

Ideal For:

1) Roof Top Gardening

2) Potted Plants

3) Out Door Gardening

4) Container Gardeninh

5) Plant Propogation

6)Poly Houses


8) Landscape and intertior scape

9) Lawn and Turf Conditioning and

10) Golf Greens